160 Patients from Yemen in Turkey for Treatment

UPDATED : 24/02/2018

160 Yemeni patients including women and children and 54 accompanying family members were transported to Turkey for treatment within the scope of the bilateral agreement between the two countries.
The private aircraft rented for the purpose carried the patients and family members from Aden, Yemen, to Kütahya Zafer Airport. They were met by Kütahya Governor Mr. Ahmet Hamdi Nayır, Mr. Öner Güner, Director General of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs of the Ministry of Health, and Mr. Abdullah Ali Fadhel Al Saadi, Yemeni Ambassador to Ankara.
Health workers lent their coats to visitors who felt very cold as they departed the plane.
Director General Güner said that 1026 foreign patients in need were treated in MoH and university hospitals in Turkey in 2016.
Güner recalled the meeting between Minister of Health Recep Akdağ and Governor of Taizz, Yemen, on 7 October 2016 in Ankara where the parties had agreed on bringing to Turkey Taizzi patients that could not be treated in Yemen. Güner said:
"As a part of this agreement, 160 patients and 53 family members from Taizz arrived at Kütahya Zafer Airport. They will be treated in Afyonkarahisar. Turkey is the most generous country worldwide in terms of humanitarian aid. We are serving people in need in different parts of the world. We can never close our doors on these patients. They are our brothers and sisters. We intend to treat them soon and send them back to their countries in good health.
Yemeni Ambassador to Ankara Abdullah Ali Fadhel Al Saadi expressed his thanks to President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Mr. Binali Yıldırım and everyone involved and the appreciation of his people for Turkey.
The Yemeni patients including children said: "Turkey is a big state. We thank Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and all officials who brought us here for treatment. Hopefully, we will be cured and go back to our country."
After customs procedures, the patients and their family members were transported to Afyonkarahisar Public Hospital in ambulances.