Say No to Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics

UPDATED : 24/02/2018

Professor Recep Akdağ, the Minister of Health attended the Rational Use of Antibiotics Meeting in Ankara.
Minister Akdağ gave a speech at the meeting and informed the audience about the new activities of the Ministry.
With regard to the unnecessary use of antibiotics in Turkey and worldwide, Akdağ said: We are the worst among OECD countries when it comes to antibiotics use. Turkey will address that problem. Patients must talk to their physician before using antibiotics. They should not push physicians to prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics are not antipyretics. One of every three patients visiting outpatient clinics use antibiotics. Antibiotics are for diseases that are bacterial, not viral.
In Turkey, one of every three patients visiting outpatient clinics uses antibiotics. Typically, one would expect that to be one in every six prescriptions. This means people use double the expected amount in Turkey. There are a few types of disease-causing germs in humans. Among these, bacteria and viruses are common. We use antibiotics if bacteria are the cause of our disease. But, antibiotics do not have any effect on viruses. Do we really know if common cold and flu, for which many people use antibiotics, are bacterial? Or, are they viral? No, viruses cause us to catch cold or flu. We should not have any use of antibiotics for these illnesses.